Credibility Advantage

We wrote this book to show people how to build professional credibility. Like all our books, it’s based on massive amounts of research. We give you the 11 Credibility Anchors – which are ways to brand your organization with credibility. We also show you how to:

1. Employ “other messengers” to deliver your message
2. Credibilitize your website and print marketing
3. Get in print – write a book, a series of articles, white papers, blogs
4. Look, speak and write with credibility
5. Gain credibility by association.

Price: $19.95
Axis of Influence

Personal Credibility is vital to success in business! This insightful book teaches you exactly how to build your personal credibility. It is the result of nearly 20 years of research and experience! We learned that most people HAVE credibility, they just don’t know how to demonstrate it. We teach you how to do that! We also teach you WHY credibility and likeability are important; and WHAT to do to improve them. We give you a step-by-step processes to follow!

Price: $16.95
Face Values

Face Values teaches you the very simple steps for reading the person in front of you. That might be your prospect, client, boss or colleague. Before you finish shaking hands, you will know his/her personality type, values and communication style. These simple skills allow you to actually read someone’s mind – and it is amazingly simple to do.

Price: $24.95
Words That Sell

Neuro Science and Psychological research have given us some fantastic new approaches to marketing and selling. That’s what Words That Sell is all about. You’ll gain better insight than you ever thought possible! We give you the psychology, the process, the specific words – and guidance on how to use language that will tap into your target market’s decision-making mind.

In these pages, you learn the Secret Language of Psychological Sales and Marketing. Meaning, we will show you how to determine he exact words and phrases to use in your marketing and sales presentations.

Price: $29.95
Questions are the Answer

Successful selling depends on asking the right questions at the right time. Problem is, many sales people aren’t taught how to do that. That’s where this book comes in!

In these pages, you will learn how to demonstrate your value to your customers by asking the right questions at the right time. You’ll find specific questions, tools and techniques to help you master the art of asking questions that will bring you greater results!

Price: $29.95
Presentation Magic

After auditing many sales seminars and reading a stack of “how to” books, we realized that very few people know what makes for an effective seminar! In this book, we teach you how to look at each step of a seminar and figure out how to captivate the audience. Specifically, how to wake them up, get their attention, connect with each individual, hold their interest and inspire them to trust you.

This book gives you a huge psychological advantage in your seminars and sales presentations. And, it’s a lot easier than you might think!

Price: $29.95
Magnetic Connections

The most comprehensive book on Consultative Selling for Financial Services Professionals. This is a deep how-to manual that took years to write. It will teach you how to facilitate consultative selling conversation. If you can’t do that, you’re just a passenger on the bus, and not the driver.

Price: $69.95
Price: $39.95
5 Levels of Rapport

Rapport is one of the most misunderstood concepts in business. And, most advice is terrible. This little book gives you a simple logical process to follow. You’ll love how simple it is, and you’ll be delighted at the results!

Price: $15.95

The most important business question you’ll ever hear is, “What do you do?” Most people fumble the answer. People don’t want to know what you do. They want to know how you are relevant to them. This workbook guides you through a simple process to show your relevance to everyone your meet. We’ll teach you how to deliver your Identity Statement (also known as an elevator pitch). The best part is – you’ll be able to easily adjust it and make it relevant to the person in front of you.

Price: $19.95
Price: $12.95
Boomer Handbook

We wrote this book for the financial services industry. It explains Boomer psychology and how you can use it to gain their trust. The key is in the Boomer values and we not only list them – we explain how to connect to them!

Price: $19.95
Inside the Mind of the Senior Market

This is a no-fluff guide to understanding what motivates the Greatest Generation:
1) how seniors think and make decisions;
2) how to use that information to connect with them more effectively, and
3) build more meaningful, relevant relationships with them.

Price: $9.95
Boomer/Senior Combo

SAVE an additional $7 off when you purchase both the Boomer Report and Inside the Mind of the Senior Market. This 2-book set will give you more insight into the over-50 market than you ever know existed. They are a treasure trove of wisdom you can implement in your work.

Price: $22.95
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