The Facts.  Your best chance to gain a competitive advantage is through people, and in particular by building and maintaining meaningful relationships. Why? Because products, processes, technology, even capital have all become commodities.Thus, they've lost their "added value."

How value chain works.  The more you know about your prospect or client (inside and out), the greater the likelihood of connection.  The better the connection, the better the relationship.  The better the relationship, the greater the likelihood of referrals.  The more referrals you get, the better your profits.

But, how can you get that chain started?  What skills or tools will make it easy for you to learn about your prospect (step one)? Face Values.

That's our methodology for reading other people.  Want to look into it?  just connect to this link and read the description of the book.  Then, imagine those skills and tools being taught to you and your colleagues.  That's the heart of AboutPeople training.

Are you ready to take the next step?

AboutPeople programs jump start the value chain.  Our programs are built on science you can trust.  Everything we teach revolves around People Psychology for business.  Our core focus is how to connect with and influence people.  We help:

  • Sales people create value, read prospects, speak their language, ask questions effectively, and deliver powerful presentations
  • Marketers speak the target's language, connect with their emotional brain and create “emotional experiences”
  • Managers and leaders pick the right people, put them in the right jobs, mentor, motivate and develop them
  • Teams understand each other, leverage differences and strengths, and work together to achieve extraordinary results
  • Individual professionals build their personal brand, improve their credibility and likeability, and wire their subconscious for success

You Decide!  We provide training and coaching  to groups and individuals.  We don’t believe in one-size-fits all programs. That’s why we develop core Program Segments that we can mix and match however you want to meet your specific needs.

Our Programs include:

1.  How to read people and connect with them instantly – based on our book Face Values – How to read people and adjust your presentation to connect with them in less than three minutes.  This program teaches you how to look into a person’s face and recognize his or her personality type, values and communication style. That’s just the start.

You’ll also learn how to use this knowledge to “speak that person’s language”, build rapport and gain trust.  You’ll learn how to recognize each type and see the specific communication strategies to use with each. This program is the basis for ALL high-end business!

2.  How to increase you credibility to increase results – This program is based on two books:  Our 2008 book Axis of Influence: How Credibility and Likeability Intersect to Drive Success and our up-coming book Credibility Advantage: Using Credibility to Dramatically Increase Results.

You will learn things that will astound you!  For example:  how to establish, build and communicate your credibility (as an individual professional, company or media element).  You’ll learn how to build a credible picture of yourself and what you do.  We will teach you how to shorten the sales cycle and inspire buyers to buy on the first visit.  We’ll also show you how to use the Credibility Process to generate a steady stream of referrals.

3.  How to use questions effectively in sales conversations – based on our book Questions are the Answer – How to use questions effectively in sales conversations. You will learn a simple and highly effective questions-based process to show your credibility and relevance while you prove your value.  We’ll teach you Proactive Listening, how to get clients engaged and into self-discovery mode.  You will get specific questions to use in each phase of a sale, as well as guidance for how to customize the questions for your specific clients and context.

4.  Favorable Introductions and Magnetic Referrals – based on our book of the same name, this program teaches you the logical and psychological approach to getting Referrals.  You’ll learn the simple process:  where to look for referral sources, how to communicate who you are and what you do, what needs to happen in order for someone to feel comfortable referring you, when and how to ask for a referral, and the language of referrals (how to ask for referrals in the other person’s language).  You’ll also receive referral letters and additional communication templates you can customize and use immediately.

5.  Presentation Excellence – based on our e-book Presentation Magic, this program teaches you how to demonstrate credibility and relevance, organize ideas and information for impact, design and use visuals effectively, use a dynamic presentation delivery style, increase rapport and persuasiveness, respond to questions authoritatively, and control nervousness and internal dialogue. This is NOT your typical public speaking program.  It includes many advanced psychological tools for connecting with and influencing an audience.

6.  The P-R-O-S Approach to Sales and Marketing teaches you a simple and powerful formula that is surprisingly effective in both sales conversations and marketing communications. P-R-O-S stands for Problem-Relevance-Options-Safety.  You’ll learn how to satisfy a prospect’s psychological needs in a step-by-step systematic way.  PROS achieves four things few other programs can; it helps prospects: 1) realize/understand the seriousness of the problem or opportunity; 2) see vividly how it personally effects them; 3) understand and compare viable options for solving the problem; and 4) remove risk and establish a foundation of safety  so they are comfortable taking the next step.

7.  Styles Selling – based on our book Face Values, How to read people and adjust your presentation to connect with them in less than three minutes, this program is designed specifically for sales professionals.  You will learn how to quickly identify the buyer’s style and how to flex your own style to match his/hers. You will learn something unique – specific strategies and language to use to connect to each buying style and move that person comfortably through the buying process.

8.  Managing to Style – Essential for all leaders , this program is based on our book Face Values, How to read people and adjust your presentation to connect with them in less than three minutes. This program teaches managers and leaders how to pick the right people, put them in the right jobs, mentor, motivate and develop them.

You will learn how to perform a psychological profile of a job and identify the type of person who will be most effective in it. You’ll learn how to interview for best fit; how to identify, leverage, and connect different styles of people into effective teams; and how to mentor, motivate and develop different styles of people.

9. Speak the Language of Your Target Market's Mental Filters! In our research, we've learned how to inspire people – match the psychology of their language.  We call it "speaking the language of your target market." We've spent more than 20 years perfecting this skill set. Now, we're offering to teach it to you.

What's in this approach to language?  Mental Filters are what cause your target market to pay closer attention to you.  But, it's not limited to just words.  It can be structure of the phrasing;  speed of speech;  length of sentences;  number of references.  It might also be silence, gestures or color.

We help you communicate the most effective message in the most effective way possible – the way that causes your target market to pay closer attention to you.Want to learn how to do this?   Contact us!

Delivery Choices

Because people learn in different ways, AboutPeople teaches its programs to suit the learner(s).  Choose from.

  1. Live Group Sessions (all size groups): We have a variety of materials that can be assembled and customized to achieve your organization's specific goals and objectives. We deliver 1-1.5 hour keynotes or larger 2-3 hour to 2-3 day workshops. You can choose from AboutPeople's programs or "build your own" customized training.
  2. Virtual Group Sessions (via Webinar/Teleseminar): This medium is best for shorter segments of AboutPeople Programs.  We combine our programs with your specific programs and deliver them via the web and telephone.
  3. Group Coaching (from 6 – 20 people): Group coaching is delivered as a follow-on to live training and as a stand-alone solution.  It’s based on practical application and specific, personal situations.
  4. One-to-One Coaching: A select few are able to benefit from AboutPeople one-to-one coaching. In one-to-one sessions you are able to design your own sessions to achieve your goals. You'll have two coaches working with you to ensure you get the very best help and maximum improvement.

The Instructors. AboutPeople founders, Michael Lovas and Pam Holloway have been helping professionals master the people side of business for nearly two decades.  In fact, they wrote the book on it!  Now, they’re teaching firms how to implement and use the skills that actually make it possible for business to jump up to a higher level.

For more information, contact Pam Holloway or Michael Lovas directly.