Learning that is Entertaining AND Powerful

Pam and Michael are very different people, but work perfectly together.

Don't you find that no speaker can touch every member of your audience?  Why not double your chances?  Pam is often seen as serious and scientific, where Michael is often seen as entertaining and insightful.  Two styles, two appraoches, two perspectives, twice as much value. 

As you can see, the stage is set for an entertaining program that will touch the mind of everyone in your audience.  Now, add content that is truly life-changing, or business-changing.

Pam and Michael have delivered their delightful programs across most of the globe.  From London to Helsinki…from Fiji to Maui…from Calgary to San Diego…from Seattle to Disney World…Denver to Grand Rapids.

Pam and Michael adjust their content to make it relevant to your people.  They customize their presentations to fit your event, your audience and your needs.  Get ready – you're going to like this.

Michael Lovas also speaks on these topics:
• Capitalizing on First Impressions
• Psycho-analyzing Your Marketing
• Mastering the Art of Reading People
• How to Apply Neuo-Science to Your Marketing
• Credibility Marketing
• Presentation Magic
• Develop a Business Attraction Strategy

Pam Holloway also speaks on these topics:
• Mastering the Art of Reading People
• Inside the Minds of Customers and Markets
• How to Capture Critical Knowledge Before it Walks Out the Door
• How to Clone Your Best People
• Beyond Sales "Best Practices"

Questions?  Give us a call:  509.209.0031