About People delivers project-specific consulting in a many vital business areas, including:

Identity/Brand Development
We help companies articulate who they are and what they do in a way that attracts their A-level target market. This typically includes:  1) defining the firm's unique selling proposition;  2) developing the 30-second irresistible message or elevator pitch. Based in part on our eBook IDENTITY!

With our help, companies get a clear picture of how their clients and prospects perceive both the company and it's products/services.  The language used to articulate this vital element is steeped in motivational psychology.

Psychological Languaging
Every human being has a bank of 60 filters in his mind.  It's these filters that direct his behavior and decisions.  Imagine the results you can get if you understand these filters, know how to identify them (in your target market) and then use them in your marketing and selling. What if you use them in your hiring interviews? Based in part on our book Face Values.

At AboutPeople, we are experts at this area of psychology.  Our ability to implement this skill set to develop marketing messages and sales language is one of the major reasons so many people hire us. To learn more about this service, see:

Sales Script CPR
Each type of person resonds to a specific logic.  If you knew what that logic was, you could increase your sales success by 50-75%.  One of the most fascinating services we provide is the analysis of specific target markets, and then the application of specific logic that will appeal to that person, so he proactively takes a step in your direction.  Apply the right logic with the right person, and it is almost impossible for him or her to do anything but say YES.

We profile organizations, jobs, teams and people.  We look at your culture and the specific jobs; we determine the biggest stressors, motivation and characteristics of the people who are most successful in each job.  Then, we help you determine what's working and what's not.  We help you survey how your employees really feel and how to motivate them even more.

Business Therapy
Companies are a reflection of the people who run them.  Like people, they can get stuck in a rut, lose their way or make bad choices.  The smart ones recognize the value of Business Therapy as a way to get back on track and improve performance.  Logically, they call us to help them get past stuck states and help their organizations thrive.

Right Person Right Job
We help you recruit, hire, promote and more effectively utilize your human resources. We help you discover not only what personality and cognitive styles best fit your organization and/or particular job, but also how best to train, influence and inspire them. See The Right Person for the  Job.

Knowledge Capture
AboutPeople principal Pamela Holloway is a veteran Knowledge Management practitioner with an excellent international reputation.  AboutPeople's Knowledge Management services include Knowledge Audits (what does your organization know, need to know and where are the gaps), Capture of key knowledge through one-on-one interviews and Knowledge Management Training (the "How To" from A to Z).

One-to-One Developmental Coaching
Executives, managers and professionals trust us to help them increase performance, profits, and  personal satisfaction. We help them see themselves the way others see them, then, adjust their behaviors to be more effective.  Our clients trust us to help them align their work with their values. In this way, they learn how to focus on critical issues, set powerful goals, and develop the skills and tools needed to be more effective, successful, and satisfied.