Why Call About People for Coaching?

Business Psych!  We are business psychologists focused on business relationships. In other words, the skills we'll teach you have been scientifically prove to work!

  • You'll learn how to read people and use that to connect with them at a more meaningful level.
  • You will learn how to get inside the mind of the person across the table from you, or the audience in front of you, or the market you're looking to connect with.
  • You'll learn how to deliver communication in a way that resonates, builds trust and demonstrates credibility.

Expertise!  One of our major areas of expertise is how to read people and speak their language. One of our first books, Face Values is the communication bible for developing this skill. Our other area of expertise is credibility. We wrote two books on it:  The Credibility Advantage  and  Axis of Influence.

Bottom line – if you value business relationships, you've come to the right place!

Coaching Structure

We deliver coaching programs of 4 to 24 sessions. Most of our work is done over the phone, because our clients are spread all over the country. You pick topics from our catalog (see below) or focus on your specific needs. You can have as much structure or as little structure as you like. Whatever works best for you.

On-demand Coaching?  Some clients use their sessions to plan and rehearse for real radio-TV interviews, speaking engagements, seminars, board presentations or sales calls. Some of our coaching clients actually call us from the parking lot and ask how to deal with a certain person before walking into their meeting. Not only are we flexible enough or versatile enough to do this, but we prefer it this way. Isn't this how you'd prefer to get your coaching – when you need it?

Quck – act fast!  The quicker you can apply the skills, the more likely you are to retain them. In the end it's all about results. We want you to begin to get those results right now!

Program Content

Although you are in control of the structure and content, there are some common core elements typically covered:

  • How to read and connect with each of the 4 personality types: Driver, Analytical, Expressive and Amiable. Specifically how to recognize each by their look, demeanor and sound of their voice; what to say or do and what not to say or do in order to connect.
  • Trust Enablers: Understanding what you must do (or not do) to make clients and prospects feel safe and comfortable; recognizing and correcting trust mistakes
  • Demonstrating Credibility: What is the perception of your credibility today? What can you do to improve that perception? How to make a credible name for yourself and use that credibility to win more business.
  • Managing first impressions: What do people think of you when they walk into your office for the first time? How can you improve those first impressions?
  • Creative, attention grabbing tools and techniques: Props, visuals, questions you can use to capture attention and buy-in. These will work for one-to-one meetings as well as seminars.
  • "What do you do?"  Crafting your elevator pitch, identity statement, core message or value proposition. If you don't understand the psychology, you can't succeed with this statement!
  • How to use questions effectively. This is the most important way to demonstrate credibility and help your clients sell themselves.
  • Understanding mental filters – one of the most important bodies of knowledge you could ever gain.  It tells you what to say and how to say it.  It gives you a good look into how people think and make their decisions.
  • When and how to ask for referrals. General referral intelligence as well as personality-specific strategies. For example, how to ask a Driver for a referral.
  • Credibility Marketing.Very few people have a book, article, white paper – the elements of a Credibility Marketing campaign.  We're experts at developing CM strategies, writing the content, and publishing them.

What is Different & Better about About People Coaching?

Two for the price of one. Whenever possible Michael and Pam both participate in coaching, which means you get a powerful combination of right brain creativity (from Michael) and left brain processes and tools (from Pam).  Because they represent different personalities or social styles, and come from different backgrounds, you also get opportunities to practice communication strategies within multiple scenarios.

Context and Relevance. There are many good coaches out there who can help you improve your performance, but few (maybe none) with our psychology background and ability to deliver practical tools and coaching. The skills you learn from us are applicable in any setting, situation or career path.  We help you in your business, and also in your life.

Accessibility, Flexibility and Respond-ability.  You can call or email us, and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can. If you've got a big engagement coming up, let us know and we'll carve out the time to help you get prepared.  If you want to speed up or slow down the process, we'll accommodate you.

Professional Endorsement:

(This is the story of just one coaching client.  It's our favorite one!)

"Michael became a friend and mentor after only a couple of sessions.  We were able to talk about business problems–the kind of problems we all have in the financial business–dissect those problems, tie solutions to them and put those solutions into action in short order.

After the first session I was given an assignment.  Michael told me to phone 6 or 7 of the people I would like to meet with, and using the approach he taught me, to make an appointment with them.  Now, before I go on, you have to realize this;  I was getting about a 7 or 8% response rate on my calls, so to make 8 appointments, I had to call about 100 people, and then I'd have about 2 or 3 no-shows.

I got on the phone the next day and called 8 people using the approach that Michael said to use, and I made 8 appointments.  I started having so much fun making appointments that I called 5 more people that morning and made (you guessed it) 5 more appointments.  That's 13 phone calls in about 40 minutes and 13 appointments.  Over the next few days, I called about 20 more people and have made 20 more appointments.  So I am batting 1000 with Michael's help.  Oh, by the way, I have since met with those people and I have not had a single no-show.  Not one.

And, not only that, I have learned how to approach people in such a way that they let down their defenses and I am able to communicate with them in an open and caring way and they share with me their concerns, freely.  What a change in attitude I have had in my business life.  It is wonderful.

Michael is teaching me other communication methods, as well, like how to read people in just a couple of minutes so you can tell how they should be approached.

If you want to super-charge your practice and if you want methods of dealing with people that work, then you need to talk to Michael Lovas.  You will find like I did that he is truly amazing.

— Rocky Case, Cheyenne, Wyoming