About People Services are vast and diverse. Nearly all of them focus on increasing results by applying effective psychology to your business. The easiest and quickest way to experience our value is to take it for a Test Drive. 

Read some of our articles, or visit our Store and find the books you want to read.  Finally, the colored boxes below represent the primary ways we deliver our services to you.

Decide which form you feel most comfortable with, then give us a call. We'll create a program just for you.


Reading People. Based on our book Face Values. Sales efforts succeed or fail based on how effective the sales person is at communicating his/her presentation so it's relevant to the prospect. That approach is impossible if the sales person does not know explicitly how to read the prospect. We do, and we teach that skill set. Within seconds, you will know more about your prospects than their family members do.

On-Demand Sales Coaching. For coaching clients. You can can call us prior to important meetings/presentations, and we will help you maximize the probability of success. We'll tell you things like: what to say, what not to say, what logic to use and how to dress.

Psychological Questions. Based on our eBook Questions Are the Answer. This services helps you identify if your approach to asking questions needs help. If it does, we teach you how to ask the right questions at the right time. We'll even help you develop a set of essential questions to ask.

Advanced Selling. Based on our PROS Sales System. Our experience is that far too many sales people don't have a viable sales strategy, thus their results suffer needlessly. We teach you the most effective way to approach selling. It's simple, highly effective, and we design your program so it matches your natural style!

Advanced Presentations. Based on our eBook Presentation Magic.  The human mind wants to receive information in a certain way.  It asks these questions in order: Why, What, How and What Else?  When your presentation fails to deliver information in that way, the person or audience begins to lose interest in you.  We teach you how to address those questions in the most effective way.  This is how you captivate your audience, engage them, and greatly improve your results.


Marketing Rescue. This is our most basic marketing-related services. We rewrite or edit existing marketing programs to make them work better. Since most marketing is written without regard for psychological validity or effectiveness, this simple service is a huge first step.

44-point Psycho-Social Marketing Analysis. In this Program, we analyze every aspect of your marketing for psychological effectiveness. We focus on the first impression a prospect gets from your website, social media and print messages. Consumers turn to your website to perform due diligence on you or your organization.  Your website is likely the most comprehensive and complex communication tool you use.  Thus, we give it prime attention. This "How to" is covered in our upcoming book Psychological Marketing, with components also detailed in our eBook Words that Sell.

Credibility Marketing. We take a strategic look at your business and develop specialized communication programs intended to promote your integrity, reputation and credibility. These include books, keynotes, white papers, reports, articles, and blogs.

Psychological Focus Groups. Research shows that traditional focus groups are ineffective and often deliver flawed results. We take a page from neuro-marketing and facilitate focus groups that capture emotional content, rather than rational content. That's because purchase decisions are mainly based on emotions, not rationality. The result is a package of words, phrases and approaches that will work to motivate your specific target market.

Credibility & Likeability:

Personal Credibility.  Based on our book Axis of Influence.  People decide if they trust you within one second.  Shortly after that, they determine if you are likeable. Then, the decide if you're credible.  If you don't know how to inspire people to make positive determinations about you – game over.  We teach you how to do that.  We teach you the concepts and the skill necessary to make a powerfully stong connection with other people. 

Organizational Credibility.  Based on our book The Credibility Advantage.  Research continues to find that consumers do not trust business. We teach you how to overcome that.  It doesn't require a vast budge – just a smarter way to do business and present yourself.

Organizational Development:

Psychological Interviews. Based on Section Two of our book Face Values. This is likely to be the most effective aspect to your hiring process. We teach you a set of questions that capture the applicant's values, natural way of working, deciding and relating to other people. Where many applicant's can manipulate answers to behavioral interview questions, it is impossible to do so with these questions.

Team Building. Many organizations hire people for their individual qualities. However, their skills and tendencies related to co-operation, team work and communication are often under-developed. We guide your people through a series of interviews and experiences to help them increase how they value others as well as work with others.

We deliver our Services and Expertise in four ways:

Think smart!  Think of the smartest, most effective ways to improve your results.  It requires you to become different and better than your competition (in the eyes of your target market).  And, the most effective solution is to approach 1) your target market and 2) your organization from a psychological perspective.  Then, use the psychology to make both work perfectly together.

What does the perfect solution look like?  See below.  It’s our areas of expertise:

Areas of Expertise

Logically, you can’t implement something until you learn how to use it.  So, we deliver our areas of expertise through the following ways:

  • Speaking - We've developed a huge set of materials that can be assembled and customized to achieve your specific goals and objectives. We deliver 1-1.5 hour keynotes or larger 2-3 hour to 2-3 day workshops. You can choose from About People's programs or "build your own" customized program.
  • Training – Our belief is that anyone can deliver information to a group.  However, it’s rare to find someone who can actually facilitate the group and guide it to maximize the learning.  We are extremely comfortable facilitating groups up to 700 people.
  • Coaching
    • Group Coaching - (from 6 – 20 people): is delivered as a follow-on to live training and as a stand-alone solution.  It’s based on practical application and specific, personal situations.
    • Personal Coaching: In one-to-one sessions you are able to design your own sessions to achieve your goals. Naturally, we’ll help you develop your program.  You'll have two coaches working with you to ensure you get the very best help and maximum improvement.
  • Consulting – In this way, we take a SWAT Team, objective look at the objective and develop the most effective solution for you.
  • Products & Services – We make every attempt to deliver our insights to you in different formats.  From books to coaching. From workbooks to consulting.  We show you, guide you,  provide resources, and we implement for you.

Timely and Relevant.  At About People, we possess a set of core programs.  They are highly effective in every situation.  However, we can also match your specific needs with custom solutions.  In other words, we combine specific industry situations with custom solutions to make sure your programs are timely and relevant!

Experience shows… We find there are three ways to implement the solutions:  1) We can do it for you; 2) We can teach you how to do it; or 3) together, we can combine our insights and expertise to develop an extraordinarily effective solution.

The Instructors. About People founders, Michael Lovas and Pam Holloway have been helping professionals master the people side of business for nearly two decades.  In fact, they wrote the book on it!  Now, they’re teaching firms how to implement and use the skills that actually make it possible for business to jump up to a higher level.

Michael Lovas