From the very beginning, we set out to provide more effective solutions to business situations.  We conduct research to find the best solution, chronicle our discoveries and develop the best solutions into products and services.  The Resources you see below represent our research, discoveries and the advice based on it. You'll also find some articles about us and interviews of us.

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Look below and see topics that every professional in every industry needs to become skilled in. And, they are all here for you at no charge. (The most up-to-date resources are published in our AboutPeople Blog.  Please check there often as we update it every week!)

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Two audio interviews with Michael and Pam

The Face Values Marketing Podcast from Jon Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing.  He says, "After reviewing a fascinating work called Face Values I asked the authors Michael Lovas and Pam Holloway of About People to share some thoughts about a system that they teach that allows marketers to understand a personal communication style just by reading the lines on their face."

This next interview is titled: The mind as you wear it on your face and in your mannerisms.  It's our interview with Eldon Taylor, the host of Mind Matters on Contact Talk Radio.




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