Psycho-Social Marketing Analysis

Rules of Engagement for Professional Websites

Our Psycho-Social Analysis shows you the real messages your visitors receive from your marketing.  This is especially true for websites, but also for:  print materials, blogs, social media, ads, letters, articles, white papers…. Here are 44 of the things we look for:

First Impression (from the visitor’s perspective):

  1. Do you force me (the visitor) to click past a “splash page”?
  2. Do I (the visitor) feel comfortable and welcome on your home page?
  3. Do you make it easy for me to determine exactly what makes you special?
  4. What hits my eyes first?
  5. Do you force me to watch a video or listen to an audio before I can read any of your content?
  6. How appropriate and effective are images, colors, type, layout, movement, line length, linguistics, etc.?
  7. Are you showing photos of real people from your firm, or do you settle for stock photography?
  8. Do your photos show you as approachable?
  9. Do you show your personal side?
  10. Are your images relevant or generic?
  11. Do your images load quickly?


  1. Is it easy to understand the site’s messages?
  2. Do you present your content in short, easy-to-read sentences?
  3. Is your content written with active verbs?
  4. Do you confuse me with sporadically bolded or italicized words?
  5. Do you give me quick access to your messages with subheads?
  6. Are the messages relevant to me?
  7. Do you use a consistent typographical format?
  8. Is your content reader-friendly for your specific target market?
  9. Is your content free of technical language or abbreviations?


  1. Do I trust you and your messages?
  2. Does your About Us page show photos of the principals?
  3. Can you show me social proof of your credibility (testimonials, case studies)?
  4. Do you use 3rd party objective references (outside sources, articles, links)?
  5. Do you use Expert and Scientific proof (research, licenses, awards, etc.)?
  6. Do you show me how recently your page/site was updated?


  1. Do I feel a connection to your company or product?
  2. Is the language focused outward on me or inward on you?
  3. Do you represent a true service/resource or just a sales pitch?
  4. Can I quickly determine your values?
  5. Are you transparent? Do you show behind-the-scenes people and process?


  1. Can I quickly and easily find what I need?
  2. Does your site use a new format or give me one I’m familiar with?
  3. How easy is your site to navigate?
  4. Are the important pages and content cross-linked?
  5. Does your site give me a clear sense of your people’s credibility and trustworthiness?
  6. Is your site navigation strategy obvious?
  7. Do you give me links to your other pages?
  8. Can I easily get back the previous page or the home page?
  9. Do you badger me with a Sign Up box or disruptive banners?


  1. How easy is it for me to take the first step and get involved with you?
  2. Do you provide visitors with a free report, consulting session or other “taste”?
  3. Do you include a simple-to-solve puzzle or objective quiz?
  4. Do you give me an easy/friendly way to communicate with a real person?