How conscious are your values and motivations?

Ever hear anyone tell you their values?  "Oh, my values are honesty and family."  Really?  One of our favorite experts is Roger Dooley.  He says, "Our behavior as humans is influenced by many, many factors, most of which aren’t conscious or rational."

According to Neuro-linguists, it IS possible to entice someone to name or describe his/her values.  But it can't be approach head-on.  It must be approached indirectly. 

The reason – while we might name a few values, we likely can't then easily define them.  However, the real values are imbedded in our attempts to define the values we initially listed.  They peek out when we have gone inside our heads to extract out thoughts. 

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    One Response to How conscious are your values and motivations?

    1. Here's the test: 

      1.  Name five of your most important values.

      2.  Define them. Just answer the question, "What do you mean by ________?"

      3.  Notice how difficult it is to articulate that.

      4.  Make note of the terms used in your definitions. Those are more likely to be your actual values.


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