Finding Gold in Neuroscience

Pam and I focus on bringing you the practical application of new findings in psychology (big term), and that includes neuroscience. 

Nuggets of truth?  My mind is constantly searching through research for implied guidelines.  When I read an article on neuromarketing, I extract what I think are nuggets of truth.  Then, I turn those into guidelines. For example: 

At the simple level is the guideline to structure web content so there are subheads introducing important chunks of information.  That's because the heatmaps of eye movement show  that people read web content in an E or F pattern looking for relevant content.  The implication is, if they can't quickly find your content – no matter how relevant – they'll abort the site. The structure of your content is as important as the content.

At the more complex level is where people in your landing page photos are looking.  People tend to ignore stock photography, but they follow where the model's eyes are looking.  So, that's a perfect place to situate important information or links.

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