Content Marketing – where most people scr*w up!

In the 1980s I realized that professional credibility determined if a person or firm would be successful.  Credibility relies on communication, and that means: 1) writing content that is relevant to your target market; and 2) using words/phrases they relate to. 

A few years ago, I started noticing the term "content marketing" and thought, "What's the big deal?  We've been doing that for 20 years!"

Stop Reading!  Today's content is judged by a very different standard.  That's because (in a business context) people no longer read.  They skim.  If your content cannot be skimmed, it most likely won't reach the target.  Additionally, a world of other content is just a click away.

The Points! 

  1. You need quality content to attract your target market.
  2. You need new content to keep people coming back to your site.
  3. You need to format the content for easy skimming.
  4. You need to edit to add active verbs.
  5. You need to imbed the target's values.
  6. You need to identify points of relevance before starting.

If you can't do that, you need to get help. 

For example… In the financial industry, the sellers always want to sell a product.  "Do you have LTC coverage?"  That's insane.  The target market doesn't care about the products. They have concerns or problems.  If the firms can't talk to the target about those concerns and problems, they're demonstrating irrelevance.  When you talk about products, you're essentially approaching the world backwards.

Turn that around.  All the company has to do is re-frame the content and approach it from the target's perspective.  Then, follow the other points in that list above.

– Mike Lovas

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