Knowledge Harvesting


Organizations are at risk of losing critical knowledge as key employees retire or move to new jobs. We offer a rigorous, results-driven process for capturing and transferring vital scientific, engineering, technical, and business knowledge. The Knowledge Harvesting process is used to convert the know-how in an expert’s head into information assets that can be used to dramatically improve corporate performance, competitiveness and valuation. In addition, the organization is protected from expensive personnel losses and defections, and from the unavailability of expertise when and where it is needed.


Our services in this area include:


Knowledge Capture & Modeling

Knowledge Harvesting consultants can be engaged to elicit, capture and package critical knowledge from subject matter experts. A typical Knowledge Harvesting project is focused on a particular expert or experts. Organizations seek to “find out how George knows how to quickly resolve drilling problems, how Sam troubleshoots equipment, how Liz goes about designing new products.” The process is designed to get at not only what the expert knows about a particular domain, task, or aspect of work, but also specific how-to and conditional knowledge (when, why, whether, etc.). The results of Knowledge Harvesting are a rich multi-dimensional view of work. Find out more about Knowledge Harvesting at


Knowledge Assessment & Prioritization (KAPS)

Knowledge Assessment and Prioritization SystemKnowledge Assessment & Prioritization workshops are designed to help organizations identify the knowledge that is most critical and the areas where you’re most at risk. KAPS is often a critical first step in a Knowledge Harvesting project because it ensures you’ll get the biggest return on your investment by focusing your time and effort on the most important areas. This program is sold as a “first step” and as a standalone program. The results from this program provide valuable measures and insight that are useful not only in driving initiatives but for other organizational concerns as well. Find out more about this process by clicking on the icon on the right.


Accelerated Development and Gap Filling

Often the Knowledge Assessment & Prioritization process highlights gaps in critical knowledge. About People helps you fill those gaps with Accelerated Development Programs that utilize constructivist and experiential learning methods to quickly and effectively increase bench strength. We offer a variety of strategic and tactical tools and processes for implementing and managing Accelerated Development Programs.

We hired Pam to help us capture critical knowledge from a key member of our staff who was due to retire. She did a great job collecting, modeling and communicating the SME’s knowledge.

Additionally, she guided the Sr. management team to identify and prioritize the company’s most critical knowledge; with this insight, we were able to link the knowledge capture experience to our training and strategic objectives initiatives.

Pam proved to be invaluable at seeing the bigger picture and finding synergies between initiatives and departments. Additionally, Pam was very adaptable to our culture and quickly figured out how to move things forward within our setting. She was able to target her knowledge set and offerings appropriate for the size and task at hand. The results were a much more effective approach to ensuring our people have the skills and knowledge they need in order to be successful.

Karen Folino

Sr. Commercial Leader , GE Transportation

Pam helped our team to develop a strategy which enabled us to capture knowledge and insights from some of our key retirement eligible employees prior to these employees leaving with critical knowledge regarding the operation of the plant.

Pam also acted as a teacher and a mentor to pass these skills on to our team for future use as our employees leave due to advancement or retirement. Pam is still a valuable resource in our continuing knowledge capturing projects.

Allan Lefebure

Field Project Manager , Marathon Oil Corporation

The Knowledge Funnel

The Knowledge Funnel

A helpful way to think about knowledge in an organization is using the metaphor of a funnel.  At the highest level, you have a wide variety of disparate ideas, concepts and tacit knowledge that have not yet been made explicit. There is a lot of good intelligence and...