Self Discovery

We believe we can change the world by helping individuals better understand themselves and develop their full potential. As each person in an organization grows and develops, so too does the organization. It is, as Maslow noted, a circular pattern.
The better man and the better group are the causes and effects of each other. A better individual person tends to make a better group out of the group in which he is. But also, the better a group is, the more it tends to improve the person within the group. The same is true for the group in the larger society. They influence each other.
The better the society, the better the productivity; the better the managers, the more psychologically healthy the individual men; the better the leaders, the better the managers, the better the individual men and so on.


How we help

We provide assessments, tools, processes and coaching that help individuals better understand who they are, how they’re wired and where they’re likely to find meaning and purpose. We help them become more engaged and effective in their job, better understand and relate to the people around them and take responsibility for their own personal development. We help them development emotional, relational and cognitive competencies, learn how to give and receive feedback and ultimately thrive in a team environment.