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Turning organizational models upside down

By Pam Holloway What if you could junk your organization as it exists today and start all over? Would you choose the same people? Would you structure things the same? If you could design the ideal organization, jobs, and work processes, where would you start? I’ve thought about this a lot, and here’s my answer. It’s a simple 3-step process. […]

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    Culture – critical enabler of success

    My clients and colleagues are probably sick of me rattling on about the importance of culture, but I can’t help it. Darn near every challenge I’m involved in seems to ultimately come down to culture. Whether it’s attracting and retaining customers, doing more with less, planning for the future, attracting and retaining key talent or reversing the safety trend, culture […]

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      Can you rebuild trust once lost?

      One of the most often asked questions deals with trust and credibility and whether once lost, if they can be rebuilt. The answer from my perspective is a resounding yes, and no.  The reason I'm so wishy washy on this topic is that the business of building trust and losing trust, and then rebuilding it again is in itself a […]

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        Why don’t people trust company blogs?

        I’ve had several conversations this week about what it means to have a meaningful dialogue with your customers.   It seems many companies mistakenly believe marketing is a meaningful dialogue. NOT!  “But we have blogs, they say, and we tweet!”  To which I respond – “And your blogging and tweeting is the same kind of one-way “push” message you’ve been using […]

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          How Managers Sabotage Performance by Triggering the Threat Response

          A recent article called “Managing with Brain in Mind” in the Autumn 2009 edition of Strategy+Business provides interesting insight into the social nature of performance. We researched the threat response for our book Axis of Influence and found that the first stop on the road to credibility and likeability is trust, which means dealing with the automatic “am I in […]

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            Use Individualized Strategies to Motivate Employees

            Ever wonder what makes some people work really hard while others seem to do as little as possible? Why some need no prodding at all, yet others must be constantly guided, prodded, and incentivized? And just how much influence can a manager really have on the motivation of employees? Understanding motivation is not has difficult as you might think. And […]

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