Credibility Marketing

Credibility Marketing assumes you already are credible. The problem is, your target market does not yet know how credible you are. We take care of that for you.

We guide you through the process of showing and demonstrating that you are indeed: 1) competent, 2) relevant, 3) trustworthy and 4) likeable. Those are the basic elements of credibility. Those are the qualities people look for in a professional. We help you communicate your ideas or areas of expertise. We help you write your book, white papers and articles. We help you become a speaker. We make it happen for you!

Content Marketing – where most people scr*w up!

In the 1980s I realized that professional credibility determined if a person or firm would be successful.  Credibility relies on communication, and that means: 1) writing content that is relevant to your target market; and 2) using words/phrases they relate to.  A few years ago, I started noticing the term "content marketing" and thought, "What's the big deal?  We've been doing […]

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    Financial Advisors – How to get prospects to re-visit your website

    For the past twenty years, I've been researching how to use psychology in marketing for financial advisors.  The most important marketing tool today is your website.  I say that for three reasons: That is where most people go to check you out and determine if they want to contact you. That's where you can show them your professionalism and humanity. […]

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      How to gain insight and improve innovation

      Innovators often look into areas outside their own expertise to find “out of the box” solutions.  That’s why I read a research paper titled:  “Appearance Matters: Neural Correlates of Food Choice and Packaging Aesthetics.”  The benefit is greater insight into the specific colors that influence consumer perceptions and likelihood of buying. The distilled and simplified version of the results are: […]

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        Do people see your marketing as positive or negative?

        A paper published by John Wiley & Sons in 2012 reports the results of their research into how consumers perceive marketing.  Not good.  According to the paper, consumers see marketing as manipulative. Marketers can use that knowledge to position themselves against competitors.  This requires that they understand how to: 1) use psychological language to show themselves as relevant to their […]

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          Has all this talking made us poor listeners?

          Social media makes it easy for everyone to talk, but I can't help but wonder if it's effecting our ability to listen. I recently found myself stressing over not being "out there" enough – not doing regular blog posts and tweets, not getting Likes for our Facebook page, not participating in Linked In group discussions, never mind the day-to-day responsibilities of […]

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            The Truth about what Your Prospects Want

            According to an article in Harvard Business Review:  "Most marketing and sales efforts focus on the wrong messaging and therefore do not stimulate the correct part of a prospect's brain. This idea is supported by Forrester Research, which found that 65% of high-level decision makers give their business to the company that creates the 'buying vision.'"  The "buying vision" is […]

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              Trust your “gut.” What does that mean?

              Humans have a built-in ability to recognize unfairness. Many people think of this as trusting their "gut" or a "sixth sense." Then again, other people can't do it at all. Why the discrepancy? Research findings were recently reported in the journal of Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioural Neuroscience. It showed that people who are "more in tune with their bodies are […]

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                Why Psychological Marketing, and How to Use It

                Back Story – The foundations of psychological marketing In the 80s and 90s, Michael was writing advertising and marketing in Dallas and Austin, Texas.  He always asked a logical question: “Who buys this stuff?”  The answers were always disappointing.  It seemed that no one really knew who bought their own “stuff.”   They knew zip codes and home value, but they […]

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                  The Biggest Blunders in Marketing: #1 giving the wrong first impression

                  Successful marketing depends enormously on the first impression. Well, consider that people are too busy today to actually READ your marketing.  That means they glance and skim.  It’s like looking at a stranger and getting that quick burst of impression.  Good?  Bad?  Attractive?  Trustworthy?  Dangerous?  It all happens in about half a second. So, how do you create a positive […]

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                    Credibility Marketing in Corporate America

                    Credibility Marketing is similar to corportate PR, but where PR often serves as the company cheerleader, turning lemons into zesty lemonade, Credibility Marketing serves as a researcher and gives an objective eye.

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