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Psychological Selling means you deliver your information in the way the customer needs to receive it. You sell the way he/she wants to buy. Stimulate the Brain. In order to succeed at that you need to learn how to make a connection. Then, satisfy both the rational and emotional parts of the brain. Think in terms of “buying cycle,” rather than selling cycle.

Learn how to read people, communicate in their style, and present in a way that makes it easy for them to say yes. Even better, learn how to get customers to sell themselves.

The Science of Persuasion

Thanks to copywriter Erica Bernhard and graphic designer Michelle Calderon for this fabulous infographic on the science of persuasion. Included courtesy of Impact Learning.     Be Sociable, Share!

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    Meet the “Oh” Rating of Your Presentations

    Picture yourself talking to a small audience.  That could be anywhere from three people to a hundred.  As you deliver your words of wisdom, you see someone's head lean back and the person's mouth form the word, "Oh."  Bing!   That person "got it."  You now have an "Oh" Rating of one. Teachers look for those lights to go on in […]

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      The value of money – It’s not what you think

      For many years, Pam and I have been fascinated with personal values as behavioral motivators.  Since many of our clients are in the financial industry, we've done a lot of research into money as a motivational value.  Contrary to what many financial advisors think, money is not a top motivator.  The following comes from a survey carried out by Institute […]

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        How conscious are your values and motivations?

        Ever hear anyone tell you their values?  "Oh, my values are honesty and family."  Really?  One of our favorite experts is Roger Dooley.  He says, "Our behavior as humans is influenced by many, many factors, most of which aren’t conscious or rational." According to Neuro-linguists, it IS possible to entice someone to name or describe his/her values.  But it can't […]

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          Top 8 Words that Sell

          1. You/Your “You” is the most powerful word in the English language. It’s more powerful than the word “money”; it’s more powerful than the word “sex.” Prospects want to feel as if you’re talking to them directly, and the word “you” accomplishes just that. So instead of writing, “Our clients report increased productivity as a result of using the Widget […]

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            How Much Product Information Do Consumers Want?

            An article in ScienceDaily carries that headline. To those of us who work in/with psychology in our businesses, the idea that some people want lots of detail and others want less is a no-brainer. However… I think we gain a chance to up-date our knowledge any time an academic study releases findings that substantiate what we already believe. I hesitate […]

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              How to match your selling process to the prospect’s buying process

              Most sellers use the same approach with just about every prospect.  Unfortunately, most of those approaches have no relevance to how people buy.  Both parties are looking for different things and have totally different objectives.  Let’s look first at the typical sales process:     Sales Process Activity: Talk about yourself Explain how you got into the business Tell a […]

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                Do consumers want more choices – or fewer?

                Situation: You rep a product whose benefit will come to life in the future.  Does your prospect want more choices or fewer?  Survey says – fewer! ScienceDaily (Aug. 27, 2012) — Consumers generally prefer having more options when choosing among products but not when making choices involving the distant future, according to a study from Washington University in St. Louis. […]

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                  Is it better to present first or last?

                  Here's the situation:  you are in competition for a big account against three other firms.  What is the best position in the order of the presentations?  Should you lobby for first, last, or one of the middle slots? And, why would one be better than another?  What we're dealing with here are concepts in Social Psychology called The Primacy Effect […]

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                    Mental Marketing – how NOT to engage Boomers

                    Let’s look at some effective ways you can engage Boomers with your marketing.  First, their financial behavior:                “44% of Americans born between 1946 and 1965 are not confident that they'll have enough money to live comfortably in retirement. More than half (57%) say they lost money during the recent economic downturn and many who were affected (42%) say that's why […]

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