Credibility + Likability

Research Says… The most successful people in all industries possess both likability and credibility. Good news, those are learned skills! Imagine, when you learn a few simple skills, you can become wildly more influential, inspirational, motivating, charismatic and successful.

Deep Expertise! This is an area of business we’ve focused on since 1991. We’ve written two books and dozens of articles explaining the specific steps required to gain, improve and maintain likeability and credibility.

Along the way, we’ve discovered that many people possess those qualities in varying degrees. However, most don’t know how to demonstrate it. That is the same as not having it. And, once your own likeability and credibility become damaged or lost – it’s nearly impossible to get them back. Our suggestion – learn how to gain, improve and maintain your likeability and credibility now, so you won’t have to worry about losing it.

Change your posture, change your life

Mike and I have written a lot about body language and perception. Check out our book  Axis of Influence for lots of rich intel on this subject. While you're at it, check out Harvard Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy. Amy's research on body language reveals that we can change other people’s perceptions — and even our own body chemistry — simply […]

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    Has all this talking made us poor listeners?

    Social media makes it easy for everyone to talk, but I can't help but wonder if it's effecting our ability to listen. I recently found myself stressing over not being "out there" enough – not doing regular blog posts and tweets, not getting Likes for our Facebook page, not participating in Linked In group discussions, never mind the day-to-day responsibilities of […]

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      The Truth about what Your Prospects Want

      According to an article in Harvard Business Review:  "Most marketing and sales efforts focus on the wrong messaging and therefore do not stimulate the correct part of a prospect's brain. This idea is supported by Forrester Research, which found that 65% of high-level decision makers give their business to the company that creates the 'buying vision.'"  The "buying vision" is […]

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        What Is the Face of Trust?

        Pam's favorite researcher Alexander Todorov in conjunction with fellow Princeton researcher Nikolaas Oosterhof, have developed a computer program that allows scientists to analyze better than ever before what it is about certain human faces that makes them look either trustworthy or fearsome. In doing so, they have also found that the program allows them to construct computer-generated faces that display the most […]

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          Who cares whether the President is likeable? How about being a good leader?

          Last week I was interviewed by Sandra Fish for a Washington Post article called GOP’s Primary Problem: Would you want to have a beer with any of these guys?  Although honored by the request and thrilled with the resulting article, I kept wanting to say, “Yeah but…don’t forget the Credibility side of the equation.” Is Likability important?  Yes, of course […]

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            The Principles of Likeability

            What exactly makes a person likable?  One of the things we learned when researching Likeability is that there are five basic truths.  We refer to these as the Likeability Principles. They are: We like people who are similar to us in some way (Similarity) We like people who are familiar to us (Familiarity) We like people who like us (Reciprocity). We […]

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              Hidden Identity of Political Candidates

              Politicians are like corporations in that they have an identity they want to popularize. What most corporations and politicians fail to recognize is that they also popularize their “hidden identity,” through their messages.

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                Likeability and Credibility of Politicians

                Politicians from any party are practiced actors. Most know how to charm you without opening their mouths. And, that’s important, because as soon as you hear their messages, you could see a totally different person.

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                  What does influence look like? Is there a difference between influence and persuasion?

                  Connie Dieken penned an interesting post on influence versus persuasion. Actually the post, titled The Top Influencers Alive: 10 Breakout Influencers of 2011 focuses on Dieken’s Top 10 List, but what is equally intriguing is her definition of Influence. Having worked in the “influence” space for many years now, I know how difficult it is to define things like this – […]

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                    Get no respect? Could be a credibility problem!

                    Highly placed professionals do not appreciate being approached by people they see as having a lower grade or rank. And, they really resent lower-level people giving them advice. We also found a simple solution that often works really well.

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