Applicant Profiles & Psychological Interviews

This service is likely to be the most effective part of your hiring process. It answers questions you might otherwise have no way asking or getting a valid answer.

Consider the unknowns connected to a new hire.  Here are just a few:

  • Values – what motivates them to do their best?
  • Mode of work – do they prefer independence and control or sharing responsibilities?
  • Level of Proactivity – will they initiate activity or wait for direction?
  • Approach – do they need a procedure to follow, or are they comfortable without one?

We teach you a set of questions to capture the applicant’s values, natural way of working, decision making and ability to other people. Many applicant’s can manipulate answers to traditional interview questions – even behavioral interview questions But, it is impossible to do so with these questions. That’s because applicants can only give you content, which is essentially a story they can modify at will.  Our questions do not consider the content.  They capture the way the answers are structured, thus capturing the way that applicant’s mind works.

When you know the questions and how to interpret the answers, you will quickly improve the quality of your new hires!