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Client Testimonials

"Mike and Pam have been a tremendous resource and provided an incredible amount of insight into our business.  I hired Mike and Pam initially to provide some feedback on our website and as a result of the value they brought to us there, our relationship has grown to include many different areas of our business.  Both Mike and Pam really opened my eyes to the importance of not just what I say in my materials, but how I say it.  They have made a lasting impact on our business!"
— Brandon Stuerke, Founder, Advisors Edge Marketing & Winning With CPAs

"I have worked with Mike and Pam on more than one project over the past few years and have always found them to be innovative, responsive and thought-provoking. They consulted with me on a direct marketing piece and helped me to improve the language so that it was much more focused on the target audience. The result? Our attendance increased by 50% from one event to the next after we incorporated the changes they had advised. I would recommend their services to any organization wanting to improve their marketing return on investment."
— Pam Pyrc, Marketing Director, Inland Imaging

"AboutPeople has given my team an excellent training in understanding the psychology of people and how to connect with them. Their skills, insight and knowledge have really been invaluable in creating strong relationships – all of which has helped our company be successful."
— Cindy Tovey, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, EMI Health

"AboutPeople has a tremendous breadth and depth of knowledge about really connecting with people, and we all know business is based on relationships.  Mike and Pam bring to the table resources, solutions and accountability that really help people connect with their clients."
— Steven Neff, Principal, Signia Capital

"Pam and Michael both bring such powerful insights on how to connect with all different kinds of people, and how to forge a deep, meaningful relationship with another human being. In an age where real human connections are strained, this wisdom is invaluable."
— Adolphus W. Dunn, Ameriprise Financial

"You are doing more than helping people make more money. You are helping us build careers with dignity. Whether intentional or not, your teaching fosters character in all who utilize it."
— Eric Lapp, Prudential

"Your coaching has been life changing for me. Our sessions have led me in a much more positive direction. I have learned how to communicate to clients, prospective clients, friends and family. My business has doubled over the last two years and more importantly I'm really enjoying myself. I wish you all the best and would be happy to discuss your services with anyone considering hiring you."
–Solomon Chemo, SmithBarney

"Pam showed our wholesalers how to increase credibility and relevance, build trust, and speak the client's language–skills that really make a difference [when] building partnerships and increasing sales."
–Bryan Anderson, Divisional Sales Manager, MetLife Investors

"My teammates and I had a big presentation to make with a lot of business at stake. We hired Michael for a one-day coaching session. We not only won the business, but received rave reviews from the company on our presentation. We are getting a referral a week averaging about a million each. We couldn't have done it without Michael!"
— Betsy Puterbaugh, Merrill Lynch

"Your pearls of wisdom are enlightening. You are a star!"
— Jim McCarty, author, spokesman for American Express Financial

"The training with Michael and Pam was THE BEST use of my time EVER! I have never been able to implement any training so quickly in the field. I would strongly encourage management to keep this training at the top of the list going forward. I am happy to discuss with anyone why I'm this bullish on AboutPeople training."
— Colt Munchoff, Met Life Wholesaler

"Michael and Pam have a unique ability to teach important skills in a most effective way.  I highly recommend AboutPeople's training programs.  They set the Gold standard."
–Clarence Wooten, Jr., Primerica Financial Services

"3 Thumbs up!  I think of you as a therapist in bringing creative concepts to my psyche to help keep me passionate and somewhat reinventive of myself after 30 years of combat!"
— David Lurie, Met Life

"A powerful and unique program that is a ‘must’ for all advisors looking to open more accounts."
— Eric B. Soiland, SmithBarney

"Michael and Pam are real life superheroes that deliver the kind of insight and action necessary to achieve superior results.  I had a concept for a book and they made it a reality.  They took my idea and turned it into a full fledged system and brand.  I had to earn a superior return on the investment of my time and money and they exceeded my expectations. This is not hyperbole. This is a real testimony from a business owner whose investment is paying off in a big way. If you want original content and superior results, who should you call? Pam and Michael!"
— Daniel Grissom, CEO, PhD in Results, Author, Step-Up, 5 Steps to Achieving Superior Results

"AboutPeople provided our group with insight on how to build business relationships beyond selling our technical skill. We highly recommend their services to anyone who is striving to gain that personal touch with their clients."
— Leslie White, President, Marketing Associates of Spokane

"AboutPeople has had a huge impact on our organization."
— Edwin Pittock, President – Society of Certified Senior Advisors

"I've attended many seminars and can say with certainty that yours was the most practical and user-friendly.  I will definitely recommend you.  Most speakers spend most of their presentation selling their product or services.  You dedicated your entire seminar to hands-on exercises and real-life practices;  an approach that proved to much more valuable.  Many thanks again on bringing life and value to the Chicago forum."
— Scott Francis, Managing Director, Met Life Financial Services, Houston, TX

"If you want to build trusted relationships with your market and be greatly rewarded for it, there is only one choice, and that's Michael Lovas."
— Joseph Heller, Heller Seminars

"I find Michael Lovas to be the complete package, as a coach and a presenter.  Have you ever met a coach that has great business advice but very little insight into how to handle people situations or how to overcome your own self-imposed limitations? Or, just the opposite, great people skills advice but poor business insights?  Well, Michael can help you can handle it all. Great business/sales advice balanced with razor-sharp insights into yourself and people".
— Mark Riesenberg, Speaker, Coach, Author of How to Stop Whining and Start Winning!

"I have known Michael Lovas professionally for over 15 years and have always found him a delight to work with. Michael has written several books which we have successfully published and distributed and he continues to write a monthly column for us that is a real hit with our readers and customers.  Michael's knowledge of the financial industry together with his knowledge of sales and customer relationship psychology is a winning combination.  Our customers love him!!!"
— Judy Diamond,  President, Judy Diamond Associates, Inc.

"Michael's ability to convey creative and unique sales ideas is uncanny.  He taught me how to read and determine what personality type the prospect is and how to appeal to his wants in a sales situation."
— Lee Hyder, author, Estate Planning for Everyone

"Michael Lovas surprises me.  He brings something to the equation that super-charges the techniques I hold near and dear.  For the first time, literally, I understood the psychology behind the powerful techniques that so many dynamic speakers exhibit.  But Michael isn't just a speaker; he is the real thing, an honest to God, real-life teacher, a mentor of the first order."
— Kelly Hewitt, founder, Merge Marketing

"As I watched the interaction among the participants, I noticed their deep respect for you – not just what you as the expert had to say, but what you the facilitator had to share. Take it from one in the business, you have a rare palpable gift that bonds the group into one cohesive unit. You are indeed a special "talent" and I thank you for sharing a positive, enjoyable learning experience with me."
– Lynn Ann Bartholomew, The Learning LAB

"Michael delivered an outstanding program! He received rave reviews from our 100+ attendees. Michael was rated as the most beneficial presenter by many advisors. His program was interactive and entertaining! Our advisors walked away forever changed because they are able to relate to their customers more effectively. Thank you, Michael!"
— Lori Bochner, Vice President & CMO, DNA Brokerage

"Year after year our Georgia Insurance EXPO looks forward to Michael’s seminars.  Attendees call and ask, ‘Is Michael doing a session?’  He makes the audience feel like he enjoyed being with us and gives it his all.  I can’t imagine EXPO without Michael."
Diane Woods , Vice President, Operations, Athens Insurance Agency, Inc. and Image Innovations, Athens, GA.

"Not only did I learn a lot, but I had a great time! Not since Forrest Gump has someone captivated my imagination as much as Michael Lovas."
George Yeager, Yeager Boyd

"Michael, you are a genius!"
— Larry Laurence, Founder & President, Itech USA

"Thank you Pam for the wonderful presentation you did for the BMA. It was a real eye-opener. I feel challenged to do a better job of incorporating your ideas into my work."
–Orion Linekin, President, Business Marketing Association, Dallas Chapter

"It was a pleasure having you as our guest speaker in Fiji.  Your seminar was great – very informative and lots of fun.  Everyone really enjoyed it. They're still talking about it in fact!  Face Values is a great tool for all of us.  Knowing how to deal with people both personal and professional is an essential skill.  Thanks for sharing that with us.
Cindy Tovey, Vice President of Sales, Dental Select

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