About Us

AboutPeople is a unique professional services firm founded by Michael Lovas and Pam Holloway. Both have backgrounds in psychology and business. Each brings diverse talents, skills and practical experience. They are two very different halves of an amazing team that uses psychology to increase business results. 

Michael is an expert at using psychology to improve results from sales and marketing, mainly in the financial services industry. He is widely considered the "Father of Credibility Marketing," having introduced the concept in 1991.

Mike is a highly entertaining trainer and coach.  And, he's a prolific author and columnist, publishing at least one column every month since 1986. He also brings a deep background in Neuro-linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy. He uses his psychological skills to make good things happen.

Pam came to AboutPeople after a career at ExxonMobil and several years of ground-breaking work as a Knowledge Management consultant. Pam's background in organizational development, learning and knowledge transfer, compliment Michael's background in sales and marketing. She is also a speaker and writer, and has delivered programs all over the world.

Michael and Pam are married (to each other) and live in the middle of a pine forest north of Spokane, Washington.  They share their lives with their dogs (Eva and Woody, cat (Georgia) and Michael's big Harley.

Lovas and Holloway have coauthored twelve books and eBooks, including their Three Best Sellers:

Face Values: How to read people and adjust your presentation to connect with them in less than 3 minutes

Axis of Influence: How Credibility and Likeability Intersect to Drive Success. 

The Credibility Advantage: Strategies & Toos for Increasing Business Results.

Experience. We've served the financial services industry since 1986.  We've trained and coached thousands of advisors, agents, wholesalers and customer service people – primarily teaching them specific psychological skills to build profitable business relationships.

Main Focus. While Financial Services has been our primary industry of focus, it is not our only focus. We work with companies of all flavors and sizes, from Microsoft to Maryhill Winery. We assist in marketing, sales, hiring, team building and customer relations.  Firms call us when "people issues" come into play.

Clients. For a partial list of our clients click the Our Clients link.

Volunteer Work.  Michael is a Marine Corps veteran and extremely active in Veterans Issues.  As such, he's a Mentor and serves on the Executive Staff of the Spokane Veterans Forum where he helps veterans straighten out their lives and adjust to civilian life.  He's the co-founder and former Commander of the Inland Northwest Patriot Guard.  In that capacity, he led 300 patriot citizens as they participated in military funerals in eastern Washington. After resigning from the Patriot Guard, Michael started 2nd Shot, a non-profit organization that helps military veterans deal with PTSD.

Pam is involved with The Bali Fund, a non-profit organization committed to helping the children of Widhya Asih orphanage break the cycle of poverty and become thriving adults and self-sufficient members of Balinese society.

Our Personal Lives.  We live and work in the middle of a forrest north of Spokane, Washington.  We're surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery we've ever experienced.  Sharing in this splendid world are Woody and Eva.  Then, there's Georgia our cat and Big Blue, Mike's big Harley.